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#advice | the sincere dentist

This new communication, freed from editorials, will eventually allow me to be more politically incorrect. I apologize in advance to any haters, and future haters, or aspiring ones… I will strive to ease the pain, but never to soften the intentions: to irritate slightly to provoke a more stoic and logical reasoning, and, obviously, sincere and politically incorrect . They want beautiful words said in a morning at 4:42 am, drinking water, lemon and gratitude, showing the body in front of the sea, quoting a Psalm of David, they are in the wrong place. Here is bomb, free fire, but peaceful.

In this first text I'm going to address something that bothers me a lot: advice. Data and received, I need to clarify. I remember the phrase from my parents' time: “if advice was good, it would not be given but sold” (another true popular truth). I eventually risk giving advice for the lives of others, which is: do what you want to do and f… others. This is my highlight of Hiratian anarchist mentoring (rs).

I receive many messages from young people, especially but not only, asking for advice on which area to pursue as a specialty. I don't know the people who ask, I don't participate in their lives, I don't know their dreams and desires, I don't know their heart above all; How could I give advice on what to do for the rest of my life? But they themselves report to me that many live giving them advice, and that's why they get confused. Many would like to dedicate themselves to pediatrics, have an affinity for the love of caring for children, but others are starting to say: do HOF or dental aesthetics because today there is demand and “it gives money”. I will write about that last and regretful part of “giving money” in a next text, let me focus on the hunches in other people's lives.

People who have known you for 30 minutes, a week, a year, ten years, but decide to tell you what to do with YOUR life forever, think of a foolish thing. Do you think that these people giving advice really want you to be very successful, and if you are successful they will be happy? Think well. Do you think these people want your happiness and that's why, out of nowhere, they decide to tell you what to do with your life? Or are they simply trying to justify to themselves the advice they received in the past that made their lives incomplete working in an area that supposedly gave

money instead of what you really wanted to do?

A second point is the obvious, if everyone is doing as the advisers of other people's lives justify, the market saturates faster, and suddenly, you will realize that you are no longer giving money. And it was exactly like this with: orthodontics in the 90s, then implantology, today HOF, and so on. It saturates with mere basic statistics and a classic “Gauss curve” or “bell curve” that speaks of the distribution around the mean and clarifies the stupidity of the advice: do it because everyone is doing it. The best thing would be to listen: do it because no one is doing it right???

I conclude by quoting Cazuza, when he spoke in his “Piedade blues”, about people with a very small soul, brooding over small problems (or giving advice for other people’s lives): LET’S ASK FOR PIETY, LORD PIETY, FOR THESE PEOPLE COWARD…

My best!

Ronaldo Hirata

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